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Why i love buttons on shirts

Articles & Essays

Why i love buttons on shirts

Marvin Lau

When I was younger, I bought a shirt that changed how I approached creating something. The shirt was a simple cut and sew piece that I had been eyeing at a local shop for some time. When I finally got it, I noticed something particular. The buttons had etched logos on each of them.

It was something so subtle that you would never notice on the person wearing it. But for me it struck a chord. The level of attention to detail for only the few to appreciate, was such a expression of care that it floored me. It was like this language that was unlocked for those that appreciated quality, a sort of secret connection that you could share with the maker. I loved that idea.

Its not just clothing, you can see it in. You can find it in film, music, really anything that you can go the extra mile in. Take Abed delivering a baby.

or the perfectly slightly offbeat synth in Phoenix's Long Distance Call

Regardless, where ever you find it, its the personal resonation that connects you with the creator, one that screams "I noticed that, and I cant believe you thought to do that, thank you."

So for me, trying to make something of quality starts when I start talking to the kids that notice the buttons on their shirt.